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What, really, is "digital darshan"? Is it even possible? Is it something that happens "within" the individual at the time of creation, or "within" the person who experiences the video/audio/animation, or both? Is "time" real here in this context?

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Comment by Roy Williams on December 1, 2012 at 9:48am

I did not know about this group until now. Having read Michael Smith's comment, I opened the book "Sacred Sanskrit Words" to the definition of darshana: (only a partial quote here) "Sight," "vision," "philosophical system." Has the dual meaning of "seeing/being seen" and "reflecting." which can refer to self-reflection and mirroring. The term also means "vision of reality." This "vision" can be literal or metaphorical: to physically see or be in the presence of a holy being, Divine Presence, or sacred place; or to perceive reality on a deeper level. Darshana is commonly understood to mean "philosophy" or "metaphysical system." End of quote; it goes on to define the six main darshanas of classical Indian philosophy. This said, I will approach this group as a satsang, a meeting of folks for discussion, some agreement, some argument, and some learning. Who are you? What do you think about spirituality? How many of you are Christians? Buddhists? Hindus? Muslims? No identity at all, or unable to declare that which you may feel has no label. Did I mention atheists? Oh, yes, Buddhists. No divinity at the core of Buddhism. Or am I mistaken? In which case please give me and us a different viewpoint. How may psychologist, physicists, engineers, artists, semi-retired booksellers? (I know of one.) Let's be  open and welcoming, and if the energy Deb and Jordan feels is present, we can grow it and share it, possibly fulfilling both karma and dharma. Responses?

Comment by Deb on May 11, 2010 at 9:03am
YES!!! That does make sense....almost as if it is contageous. I LOVE Byron Katie.....when you watch her it 'seems' as if her 'state of being' rubs off on those who are listening and watching her.

I agree that media content can be created in such a way that it has great power.....no doubt. :-) Also that it can be used for the good of all or for harm....as "judgements" go.

Comment by Jordan Gruber on May 11, 2010 at 8:47am
I think you are close, Deb, but I also think that media content can be created in such a way that it has more power online. Charles Tart, the great trans-personal psychologist (who came up with the term, "altered states of consciousness") has spoken a lot about "state dependent learning," that is, it's easier to remember something if you are in a similar physical and emotional state to when you learned it. Similarly, I think that "state dependent content production," i.e., having people in desirable states of consciousness while they produce their content, would make it easier for others to experience the depths of their truths online. So, if you look at the Enlightenment.Com video interview (from the front page) with Byron Katie, she is in such a "high" state (pretty much always) that it's easy to get into a similar space just from watching her. Does that make sense?
Comment by Deb on May 11, 2010 at 8:17am
Hey Jordan :-)
I say "YES", it can happen online! I 'feel' energy in your writing....and not only yours, but in the writings of others as well. I don't 'think' it can be measured.....but none-the-less, it is felt. Or so methinks :-). Kind of feels like "energy vibrations".....simply something that you feel within.

Am I close??? ;-)

Comment by Jordan Gruber on May 10, 2010 at 8:53pm
Hi Michael. I think the more common spelling is "darshan" as opposed to "darsana," but both should turn up about the same thing. It's the idea of an energetic transmission. Can that happen online? For real? How would we know? Could it be measured? And like that...
Comment by Michael Smith on May 10, 2010 at 6:26pm
Mr. Gruber, I wiki-ed "darsana" to try to understand the questions you pose above (doing that didn't even give me a clue!) So how 'bout I take a wild guess and answer "I'm not sure I know the right words to offer an 'enlightened' answer to these questions, yet I like what you have to say so keep it coming! Your questions move me to (at least) *try* to use the old noggin'.

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