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Allow me to introduce myself:

I don't know who I am.Can anybody tell me who I am? No,I am not having identity crisis.Nor do I suffer from amnesia.To have Identity crisis,one needs to have an identity,but no-one knows my identity.Not even I.

My name? What day of the week is it? Saturday? Today my name is Gloria,but yesterday it was Rose and before it was Ester. Who knows what it will be tomorrow? You want to know my age?

Counting from the beginning? Which beginning-The beginning of time on earth,or before?In this life time

I am of a certain age,it must mean something.Counting from my first incarnation on earth,I am

52,000 years old,more or less. It must mean something, as well. No,it doesn't show on my birth certificate.

Where do I come from? Do you mean City?Country?Planet?Universe?...You want my picture?Which one? Sometimes,I look one way,and sometimes another.This causes constant fluctuations in my self image. Not that I really have self image. Only when I think about it, I  have one; But that doesn't last long. [ my thinking,I mean].

Yesterday,I had diarrhea,today I have constipation-who am I??? Everything changes.Try to catch the wind in the palm of your hand.

Can anyone give me an identity? Some say I am a fool,others say I am a sage.Who is right?

Give me a profitable identity,that's all I ask of you.


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There is only one profitable identity, that of Spirit.  Identifying ourselves with anything other than Spirit is inevitably unprofitable, and is the source of all our individual and collective difficulties.  It is an illusion, as many of the ancient traditions have tried to point out--not in the sense of being unreal, but rather false, a distortion of the real Reality, not the true thing. 


But what is the real Reality? That is the first question one has to answer before one can begin to identify with it.  Many spiritual traditions such as Buddhism and many of the Hindu philosophies, have argued that the world and the entire manifest universe (or universes--there are many of them) are all incurably false, and said that the only solution is to get out of everything, to withdraw ourselves in one way or another into the silent, blissful, inactive part of Spirit.   Others have seen the world as real, but in need of change into something more suitable to human moral views of right and wrong—according, of course, to each one’s version of morality. 


But the understanding that has emerged in the last hundred years or so, the understanding important to us today, is that the world and the universe is not simply a hopeless Maya, a play of Spirit that has always resulted in suffering and death as long as it existed in form, nor is it some mistake that humans have to correct, or get out of in order to arrive in some heaven or other.  Rather it is an infinitely complex and perfect scheme of evolution, of Spirit becoming increasingly conscious of itself in form.  The role of man today, the problem Nature is confronting us with now, is to become increasingly aware of this process, to become an increasingly conscious vehicle of Spirit in the world, in life, in everything we do, in all aspects of our being.  


But what does that mean?   All spiritual traditions and teachers have their own versions of it, many of them seemingly in conflict with one another, depending on their own experiences, or the experiences of the founders of the traditions.  We can call it enlightenment, but in its highest sense it is simply the human consciousness moving into some aspect of Spirit.   Because these aspects are endless, there are seemingly endless, or at least a large number of claims as to what enlightenment is, or isn’t, which usually result in much confusion for those trying to make any sense of it all.


A common statement is that the experience of Spirit is not really knowable, or at least expressible in human terms.  And this is certainly true as one moves further out of the ordinary human consciousness.   The infinite side of Spirit is almost completely outside the human experience and imagination, which is almost entirely limited to the finite. But many aspects are understandable, the ones that are closer to human experience, such as the wide peace, the joy, the expansion of the senses, the increasing freedom from fear, sadness, grief, and other pain and suffering, even physical, that are inherent in our human existence.   There is also an increasing shift in our perception of things, a movement into the very real perception of everything being not separate, as we normally perceive things, but rather part of some vast indescribable Something in a kind of constant movement within itself.   We still see an apple, but we no longer see it as just an apple, but as part of something much greater, having a role of which the surface vision gives little clue.


These are the things that interest most of us as we begin our search for something greater than our human selves and ideals, way of life.   Certainly some of the ancient traditions have dismissed them or minimized their importance, usually those interested only in escaping from existence.  But for us today, who are and must be interested in expressing and experiencing Spirit in life, they are legitimate and even necessary foundations for our further development.  So the question is how to get these things, or rather how to move into a consciousness in which they become normal for us. 


The answers are probably as varied as the number of spiritual teachers.  Many seem fond of quoting glib and profound-sounding expressions, like the only goal is to have no goal, the only effort is to get out of effort, the only path is no path, we only have to be what we truly are, and so on.  And these have some truth to them, but they are also misleading.  Certainly there is a goal, but not one conceivable to the human mind.  It is to achieve within ourselves the complete experience and expression of infinite Spirit in all its aspects.  Certainly there is effort needed, but not the normal human effort of trying to get something, or be something, or do something, the effort we are used to.  It is rather the effort of giving up, letting go of our attachment to anything and everything that prevents or inhibits the full expression of Spirit in and through us.


Certainly there is a path, but not a fixed or definable path in the way we understand it.  Rather there is the necessity to find and rely on the true Guide, to give up the need to know the next step, the direction we are going at any moment, or the reason we are faced with our inevitable, and often seemingly endless difficulties.  The path is one decided by an infinite Intelligence, one far beyond the human capacity to understand in any but a limited way.  Our job is to recognize this, and trust in the Guide to take us along it in the fastest, least painful manner possible.  To the extent we can do so, and not resist this guidance, as hard as it may seem, the path will in fact be that for us, and we can begin to become what we truly are, which is an individual expression of infinite Spirit unhampered by our humanity.







What prevents us from the full expression of Spirit,if not society itself?Does the society you live in allow full expression of Spirit? In many societies,even partial expression of spirit is punishable by death.

Seekers of the divine self,go through  pains,much greater than labor pains.First,the pains of having to let go of attachments,second,the pains caused by the people and society who don't want you to change and don't want you to be different from the norm;and thirdly,the pain caused by the increased sensitivity of the nervous system,and fourth-the pains cased by the interconnectedness and  empathy for others.I would say,that had the seeker  known of the pains ahead,he would never have embarked on the path.But of course,there is also the bliss and the ecstasy,to reward one for his efforts and sacrifice.

You are the only thing that prevents you from the full expression of Spirit.

I don’t know what you mean by the “full expression of Spirit”, but it is certainly not what I mean.  From your comments, you seem to think that it is some kind of preaching, or proselytizing, or teaching, or having discussions on spiritual subjects, or doing some kind of recognizable spiritual practice.  It has nothing to do with those things.  In human terms, it is simply the capacity to allow Spirit to use the body in whatever manner it chooses, without the hindrance of any emotional, mental, or physical reaction.    Such an individual would seem to the ordinary vision no different from anyone else, unless they chose to reveal themselves in some way.

You are the one who spoke of " individual expression of infinite spirit unhampered by our humanity".

So ,I tried to respond to your words.I am certainly not interested in some of the things of the things you mentioned,such as preaching,proselytizing.However,I do not see what is wrong with teaching or having discussions on spiritual matters,etc.You yourself have just had such discussion with me. Anyway,there is a difference between being your unlimited Self and expressing your unlimited Self.The expression is usually done in a social environment and is subject to the limiting standards of society.

You are not receptive to me.You do not honor me.You like to argue. So I do not see the point of our communication.Hopefully, other readers got something out of it.

Well, if you require honor, respect, validation or anything similar from others, you will be very limited in your spiritual growth, not to mention what you can do for anyone else.  Most real inner work in fact often produces the opposite reaction.  Similarly, if you regard what I said as arguing with you, then you will be very limited in what you can learn from others, since what you get from them will depend on whether you like what they say, not on its truth.

Dare To Be Different.

Dear reader,the mind is always imitating and emulating what others do.We dress like others,think like others,talk like others,live like others.The mind is a monkey!

Get out of the mind! Be yourself.The one and only unique self, which you are.

Can you live without comparing yourself to others? Without imitating anyone? Such existence would be wonderful. It would be worth living.

Not being contrary to others.Not being like others.Just being an individual.

I am The Oracle. http://oracledreamhealer.wordpress.com

I am that I am! It's really quite simple! 
Some people think too much,and complicate things!

In the world in which this person lives,there is no need for spiritual teachers and teachings,no need for psychologists,philosophers or any knowledge.Knowledge is to be avoided,it only complicates life.In that world, identity is a simple matter.The rest of us live in another world.

We share many worlds sweet sister,realize it or not!It is simply my opinion that the philosophical statement (I am that I am!),sums up the question of identity for me! I see myself in all things around me, both good and bad! When you see yourself in all things around you,loneliness is an illusion,and all things exist in unity!
So many focus on individuality,and fail to see the connection between all things!
May your hearts be at peace,Light surround You,And Love be your Guide!

We are One.Even when you disagree with me.Even when you consider me redundant.Even when I play no role in your life.I am that which I am.I am Buddha.


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